Guinea: Alpha Conde Out, Doumbouya In

Guinean president, Alpha Conde, has been removed from office. His removal came Sunday when offices and men of the country’s elite Special Unit, invaded the Presidential Palace and subsequently took the ousted president into custody.

President Conde, the first democratically elected leader of the West African nation, recently won a controversial third term, insisting he got the mandate of the people. However the result of the election resulted in a very political atmosphere in which some mitary officers, particularly of the mid level ranks, have been pitched against officials of the ousted government.

But an unnamed diplomat stated that the immediate cause of the coup is he recent sack of a senior Special Forces’ commander. The sack, he said provoked some of its highly trained members to rebel and occupy the presidential palace.

Early reports have it that the coupists were being repelled by government forces. The fluidity of the situation was indeed compounded when government officials released a statement in which it claimed that the attack on the presidential palace by special forces had been “repulsed”. However, images from Guinea have the toppled ex president dressed casually and sitting on a couch, surrounded by gun-toting soldiers.

“We have decided, after having taken the president, to dissolve the constitution,” said a uniformed officer flanked by soldiers brandishing assault rifles.

Meanwhile, leaders of the group, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who has since taken over the rein, disclosed that the country’s land and air borders have been shut, with the government dissolved.

Despite having a vast reserve of natural resources, the West African country remains one of FG e poorest nations of the world. It is also plagued by political instability.

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