Jidechi Akakem: The Law Graduate Who Prefers Kidapping

Jidechi Akakem, 26, looks like a nice guy, ordinarily though, privileged to have received one of the nicest and private education process from his parents. At least, they sacrificed enough to have him become a law graduate at the relatively young age of 20 years. But like the brat he turned into, he lost focus while still studying for his law degree and ended up becoming a member of the Vikings Co fraternity cult group. Little wonder he became attracted to the wrong croud rather than being counted among the learned group.

At the moment, his choice for a space in the big underworld league has landed him in trouble, having been arrested for being one of those responsible for the spate of kidnapping, killing and other acts of terrorism in and around Ezeogba Emekeukwue Community, Owerri North local government area of Imo State. Alongside his accomplice, 18-year-old Chibuike Ibeukwu, he is cooling his soiled feet inside one of the cells at the state police command, waiting for a date with the law.

“I attended Royal Nursery and Primary School and proceeded to Royal Primary and Secondary School. I went to Imo State University where I studied Law and Legal Business. I graduated in 2015, but I have not been called to the bar yet,” he said.

Akakem is not a new face on the crime scene. Indeed, he has been on the wanted list of Imo state state command for sometime. He’s been wanted for sundry offences, including being an alleged member of IPOB/ESN, one who has confessed to taking part in a number of the group’s wanton killing and destruction in, particularly, Imo state. Principally, he is also said to be a member of the dreaded group led by the late Joseph Uba Nnachi, better known as the King of Dragon.

“I am on the police wanted list being an IPOB/ESN member and a member of the dreaded terrorist gang of Late Joseph Uba Nnachi a.k.a King of Dragon. We were part of those that attacked Orji Police Station,” he confessed.

Akakem was recruited into the crime world, first as a member of the Vikings Confraternity and then IPOB, by Emmanuel Anyanwu to whom he became a body guard. From the vintage position, he became Anyanwu’s main hand man responsible for terrorizing any and everyone who stood in their way in their sphere of operation.

“It was Emmanuel Anyanwu who recruited me to be a member of IPOB and a member of Viking Confraternity. I am a bodyguard to Emmanuel Anyanwu, the Walking Skeleton. We have terrorised people in our community.”

It was in the position he also got the order to assassinate Chief Onuwa for just N100,000. For a good job, Anyanwu gave him three locally made pistols, 14 rounds of cartridges and a N30, 000 down payment. Except for providence, Onuwa would have been history by now.

“My leader, Emmanuel Anyanwu told me that I should go and kill Chief Vitalis Onuwa and promised to give us N100,000. He gave us N30, 000 and gave us three locally made pistols and 14 rounds of cartridges to go after him. He said he would pay the remaining N70, 000 once the job was accomplished.

The story of Akekem’s accomplice is even more pathetic. Ibeukwu, a secondary school student of Government College, Owerri, hails from Inyishi, Ikeduru local government area of the state. An errand boy on the sinister tutelage of Akakem, the 18 year-old young man also found himself working for Anyanwu, whom he refers to, almost fondly, as “Our Leader”. Obviously Akekem’s Man Friday in his secondary school, he naturally became a lieutenant who would need a useful hands-on-job experience in the plot to kill Onuma.

“I hail from Inyishi in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State. I am a student of Government College, at Okigwe Road, Owerri. I am an errand boy to Jidechi Akakem. It is true that our leader, Emmanuel Anyanwu Walking Skeleton wanted us to kill Chief Vitalis Onuwa. He only gave us N30, 000. We didn’t execute the mission.”

Meanwhile, operatives of the Imo state police command are said to be on the trail of the said Anyanwu, described as a cultists, notorious kidnapper and killer who has allegedly “…terrorised Ezeogba Emekeukwue Community in Owerri North local government area of Imo State for years.”

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