Identifying Terror Sponsors: We Are Ready To Help You-US Assures Nigeria

The United States government has declared its readiness to help Nigeria identify sponsors of terrorism acts that have been ravaging the country for years.
US Ambasssdor to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, made the commitment while addressing the media in Abuja on Monday during a round table interaction on US-Nigeria cooperation.
Ambassador Leonard, who pointed out that discussions to that effect were already being perfected, added that the United States is willing to provide the needed Intelligence to assist Nigeria in identifying those behind the country’s unending terror acts.
Ambassador Leonard’s assurance of help from the US government followed earlier disclosures by the Commander, United States, Europe and African Air Forces Command, Gen Jeffrey Harrigan, that the induction of the A-29 Super Tucano Fighter aircrafts into operations of the Nigerian Air Force will play a defining role in combating terrorism and other violent extremism in the country.
“The acquisition of the fighter aircraft for Nigerian military has brought in multitude of capabilities that would help in tackling the prevailing instability in Nigeria. This truly is an opportunity to bring together the capabilities on the human side and what the A-29 brings to the nation, particularly as it will contribute to the tackling insecurity and instability not only in Nigeria but more broadly the region.”
Gen Harrigan, who also emphasized the readiness of the United States government to support Nigeria in identifying and fishing out terror sponsors, added that his country takes the issue very seriously so much so that officials of both countries have had several discussions on the subject in recent time.
“That is something we are very eager to partner Nigeria on. I have had at least three conversations in the last two months on this subject. I won’t like to go into details.”

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