I’m Sticking With West-Kim

Officially, Kanye West is about to adopt “Ye” as full name with no “West” added. Whereas there is no proof that it has anything to do with his break-up with his else wife, reality star, Kim Kardashian-West, the latter says she will keep her last name ‘West’. This is coming just days after the rapper opted for the name change.
This was revealed in TMZ where the reality star insists she and her four children will retain “West” as last name despite being divorced from the rapper. She also adds that she fully supports her ex husband’s move to change his name to ‘Ye’.
Kim disclosed that Kanye’s change of name is not altogether unexpected as he has always been known with the name Ye, among others. She believes people will still call him Kanye West anyway, whether he changed it or not.

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