Pacquiao: Almost Blind from Ugas’ Black, Blue Beating

*Being Spoon-fed by Wife

*Opening Eyes With Difficulty

Boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao, got the shocking and savage beating of his life on Saturday when he squared up with the Cuban underdog, Yordenis Ugas. Heavily touted to hold the winning aces, the Filipino boxer turned politician jowrver, ended up beaten black and blue with blood-oozing cut above his eyes to show for it. Yet, the disturbing reality now is that in the aftermath, he is practically becoming handicap, fed by his wife as shown in the videos uploaded on his Instagram handle by his children.
The experienced boxer, the only one to win twelve major world titles and first to win four major world titles in four of the eight glamor divisions, including flyweight, featherweight, lightweight, and Welterweight, is finding it difficult opening his eyes in the aftermath. Worse still, some of the images shown in a trending video showed Pacquiao being spoon-fed by his wife.
Pacquiao sustained above-eyes cuts from Ugas’ mauling that required five stitches. The outcome, it seems, is raising health concerns that requires urgent attention with the major concerns being that many observers certain it’s time for him to call it quits.
Not surprisingly, Pacquiao himself, equally muted the idea of hanging his gloves and ending his glittering 26-year career. Already his wife is reported to have penned an emotional farewell notice shortly after the end of the fight that left him bloodied.
Pacquiao was billed to face undefeated welterweight champion, Errol Spence Jr, on his return to the ring two years after his last outing. However, the fight couldn’t hold as Spencer Jr suffered an eye injury hence the coming of Ugas as a last minute replacement. As it turned out, the Cuban tore pundits’ predictions to shred as he executed a game plan that confounded everyone, including Pacquiao himself, in a unanimous points decision win
He is reported to have visited his ophthalmologist on Tuesday to assess the extent of the damage to his eyes while he recovers from Ugas’ ferocious beating. No mention was made of the outcome of his visit to the specialist.

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