Don’t Come Near Our Zoo Again-Mgt Warns Woman Having An Affair With Chimpanzee

*“I love that animal and he loves me,”

A zoo in Belgium has issued a no-go order to a woman, Adie Timmerman, for reportedly visiting the primate and having an affair with it.
Reports say Timmerman has been visiting the chimpanzee every week in the last four years during which she bonded closely with the ape.
Though no sexual contact was mentioned in the report, Timmerman is however, said to be fond of waving at the chimp named Chita and blowing kisses at him through the glass. Zoo keepers believe her gestures impacted negatively on the chimp’s social status within its group. However, Timmerman insists her conduct is informed by the love between her and the primate.
“I love that animal and he loves me,” Timmermans noted in an interview.
Chita was raised as a pet before being handed over to the zoo when its behavior became unmanageable. Since then, it has retained a keen interest in people throughout over the 30 years it has been in the facility. Minders in the facility are convinced its interest in people is a huge factor in its strained relationship with other chimpanzees raised within the enclosure.
“When Chita is constantly surrounded by visitors, the other monkeys ignore him and don’t consider him part of the group, even though it’s important for him.
He then sits on his own outside of visiting hours,” a zoo spokesperson said.
But Timmermans is frustrated over being banned from visiting and relating with her beloved Chita.
“I haven’t got anything else. Why do they want to take that away? We’re having an affair, I’ll just say… Other dozens of visitors are allowed to make contact. Then why not me?” she queried rhetorically.

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