The Beetle’s Rebirth

Over the years it reigned, it was one of the world’s most iconic motor car. Most appropriately, it was named Volks Vagen, a German name that captured its essence-the people’s car. Arguably, it became the beloved of the people, mostly the middle and lower classes.
The Beetles took the world by storm after making its debut in the early 30s. By the time it ran its course, staging a bow out of production line late 70s, it was one of the cars most seen on roads across the globe.
Since the original version of the Beetle made its exit decades ago, attempts have been made revamp and practically resurrect it. In 1998 for example, it was reintroduced as the New Beetle. However, the attempt ended as a stillbirth as the product ended more as a visual flashback to its original type one concept.
The good news now is that the good ol’Beetle, the iconic Beetle, one of Germany’s irrepressible export to the world, is staging a resurrection of some sort as it re-emerges in far away China. Sadly, it is certainly not in the form of VW’s people’s car. The newest Beetle a Chinese model, referred to as EV, is coming with features that confound the old two-door concept.
EV, concepted by the Great Wall Motors, features four doors, in addition to an array of other modern gadgets that make it really appealing, quaint and fanciful.
In the main, the new Beetle has two variants. The first is the Ballet which is essentially designed for female enthusiasts. The second version, better known as the Punk, is designed for male freaks. However, whichever variant appeals to any Beetle enthusiast will be available as an electric sedan with two battery sizes-47.8 kWh and 59.1 kWh, placed at close proximity.
In particular, the Ballet Cat will first be displayed at the Chengdu motor show at the end of August after which the manufacturers will decide whether or not it’s a good idea to put it into full scale production. The good thing is that as far as modern car expectations goes, the new Beetle’s got far more funky features that makes it different from the real thing. That is, without the retro hunchback anyway.

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