You Are A Liar-Court Tells A Woman

*Jails Her For Launching Hate Campaign Against Herself

A Southampton Crown Court has jailed a woman, Carly Buckingham-Smith, for launching a hate campaign against herself but reported instead that she was being targeted by someone else.
The 38.year-old cleaner is reported to have used her own phone to send abusive text messages to herself, one reading; “I am going to tie you up and slit your throat and watch you bleed.”
Yet another text message contained a threat to “put petrol through her letterbox and set it alight”.
Buckingham-Smith, a cleaner from Eastleigh, Hampshire, is also alleged to have painted her house with graffiti before fabricating a report to the police that she was being harangued by unidentified “Asian males” even though she was actually the one originating the messages. She allegedly made 11 witness statements to police concerning the texts, claiming in all that she was being harassed.
Following her complaints, the police launched an investigation during which they installed alarms and secret cameras around her property in a bid to arrest the suspects. But it turned out that she lied following which she was slammed with justice pervertion charges and taken to court.
The court was told that she is an attention seeker who once laid harassment complaints against an Uber driver but were later found to be false. Shortly after, she allegedly filed fictitious reports of arson attack and persons banging on her door in the night.
In his judgement, Judge Nicholas Rowland accused her of nasty campaigns, adding that a “great deal” of police time had been wasted in unraveling her false accusations. According to the judge, the police literally wasted 69 hours investigating her fabricated and spurious allegations and an additional 500 hours surrounding her own criminal case. She was subsequently slammed with half a year of jail term.

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