Parochial Mentality, Bane of Buhari, APC Administration, Says ADC Nat Chairman, Ralphs Nwosu.

Ngozi Omah/Awka


Ralphs Okey Nwosu is the National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC). In this exclusive interview, he spoke on why and how he midwifed the birth of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)but was frustrated out by strange bedfellows.
He looked at the general insecurity bedeviling the nation today and the docility of state governments in job creation which has since spiked youth-oriented vices.
He also took a shocking swipe at the APC-run FG which he said has been very parochial and lacks initiative and patriotism. Our Correspondent , Ngozi Omah was there. Read on…
Q: Anambra state governorship election is fast approaching. As a key stakeholder, how do you see the general preparations?
All the political parties have concluded their primaries and the results are all out. Then, the stability of our own party, the African Democratic Congress(ADC) is what everybody can attest to, that we conducted the best primary in this coming election. And the people here, luckily this is my home state, am from Anambra have shown a great interest. Our candidate is a very popular politician too. The peace and tranquility that exists in the ADC fully manifested at the event. When compared with the toxic and rancorous atmosphere that was witnessed in the so-called big parties and the party in government in the state, one will then know who is most prepared and ready to give leadership to Anambra state.
Q: You were part of the brains behind APGA. It appears the real APGA died the moment you left the party.
(Laughs)I was the founding National Treasurer of APGA. I gave it the name APGA. Chief Chekwas Okorie had started putting together some structures called UPGA when I came in. Then UPGA was the name of a defunct party that existed before.
But when we got involved we got an intelligence information that the INEC will not register any party that had existed before. There was above sixty political associations that applied to be registered as a party. So between Chief Chekwas and other stakeholders,they wanted our party to remove the “U”, for it to be called PGA. That was when I said why? That afterall we had been sounding out the people with the name UPGA, UPGA. How would we now beefing to tell them of PGA? So I suggested we remove the “U” and replace it with “A”,. But Chekwas said what is the “A” stand for? I said ‘All’. That since the ‘U’ is United, which gave us the United Progressives Grand Alliance, then the ‘A’ will give us All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA). And that a lot of people would even call it without knowing there had been any form of change.
I paid the whole money for the registration as prescribed by INEC. But today I hear a lot of different stories where people claim they are the ones who sponsored APGA. I was the founding National Treasurer, so if anybody brought money I supposed to know except they were given to Chief Chekwas. I never asked.
I brought money so as to ensure that everything about APGA happened, including our hotel bills. Afri Hotels where we were using as our office. I paid all the bills. Also, taking care of people who came around and all other incidentals, until we got the party registered.
It was within the week we registered the party that Chief Emeka Nwajiuba, who is now a Minister donated an office. He was among the people that were brought in after the party was registered.
After APGA was registered I brought it to Anambra state; Chekwas is from Abia, while the National Secretary was from Minna. There were so many people from some other states. But I was the only person who brought the party to my own home state and built it, developed it, to a winning machine. Because I came and started establishing and developing it from ward to ward.
I gave it this concept of cock kokorokoooo, chi efooooo. I remember that I used to visit some families where they told me that their children were asking wether it was the cock that was contesting this time. I told

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