Killing for Satan: Russian Couple Under Probed

A couple in Moscow is being over their involvement in two suspected ritual murders. Russian investigators say they are beaming the searchlight on the duo for their alleged involvement in murders while they were members of a Satanist sect.
In a statement issued on Friday, Andrei Tregubenko and Olga Bolshakova, who met following their mutual interest in a “religious and mystical movement of Satan worshippers involving rituals with human sacrifice, are being considered with possible drug trafficking and murder charges
In one charge, Tregubenko is accused of stabbing and killing a female acquaintance in a forest in the northern republic of Karelia with the intention of sacrificing her through a ritual. He is also accused of beating a man and subsequently killing him with a knife in circumstances investigators labeled, ‘another ritual’ murder, north of Russia’s second largest city, Saint Petersburg. Olga is however, reported to have admitted her involvement in the killings following a deal she struck with investigators.
While being investigated over their involvement in the two murders, investigators found large cache of drug in their home in a Moscow suburb, prompting the additional charge of drug trafficking.

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