Is Cassius Chaney the Next Boxing’s Big Face?

*Notches An Incredible 21-0, 14 by KOs

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency Reports

Is US boxer, undefeated Cassius Chaney, the next big thing in boxing’s big league? That’s the question boxing enthusiasts are rueing following his string of successful fights which now stand at 21-0 out of which 14 ended via knockouts.
Named Cassius, Muhammad Ali’s birth name, Chaney is chasing a big break in the heavyweight category, actually hoping to land a great opponent to establish himself as “a breakout guy”,
“A proper step-up opponent would make me a breakout guy. George Arias is 16-0, Jermaine Franklin is 20-0. With a proper guy, people would see that I belong with the big names,” he said of himself.
Often regarded as “the prospect from Baltimore”, Chaney extended his fight record to an unbeaten 21-0 run on Saturday night after a run over Shawndell Winters.
Chaney’s real challenge now is that he is yet to be ranked by any of Boxing’s governing body. His only hope is that of landing a worthy opponent with a good reputation to turn him into America’s most threatening heavyweight contender.
“I’m the sneaky guy. I’m under the radar. I don’t do too much talking,” he volunteers.
Chaney describes himself as a boxer still unraveling in what he describes as the “sweet science” of boxing just as he is working towards what works for him. That includes notching up big time experiences from sparring with some of Boxing’s big names, including Tyson Fury, Hughie Fury and among others, Luis Ortiz. But he’s still hoping to land a real good opponent high up in the ladder just so that shakers and movers in the industry will look his way.
“I’m still figuring out the sweet science, and what works for me. I’m learning on the job. I had only 27 amateur fights in three years.
A lot of my experiences come from sparring Tyson Fury, Hughie Fury, Bryant Jennings, Luis Ortiz, Carlos Negron, Otto Wallin. I have been around good fighters.
A proper step-up opponent would make me a breakout guy.”

He is banking on his unbeaten feat, some of which he achieved after being floored, as telling resume for the big league. Comparing his to the records of some of those making waves in the heavyweight category, he is certain he belongs there.
“I’ve got up from the canvas and won. I think that has credibility. Fury got dropped by Steve Cunningham early in his career but he kept fighting. That shows, that if he gets up, it might be a hard fight.
Me getting up to win? I really won those fights, I didn’t get a gift handed to me. It holds some weight.”
In spite of not being in the recognized big league select group, Chaney is certain that with just two more fights added to his growing record, he’s on the sweet turf as there are fighters in the league he could lick without breaking sweat.
“In two fights I’ll be where I need to be. There are guys out there that would boost me. Michael Coffie was one of them. He was calling me out before he lost.”

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