Messi’s Waste Goes for $1m Dollar

As reality dawned on him that it was bye to Barcelona, Lionel Messi had to organize a farewell press conference to speak with his teeming Nou Camp fans for the last time. Expectedly, it was an emotional event that ended up with the Argentine football star releasing bucketful of tears for which he had to wipe his eyes and nose repeatedly with tissue papers.
Not surprising, the waste generated by the six time Ballon d’Or winner, so to speak, may soon turn into a money spinner if it’s appearance at an online auction site generates expected intetest. The tissue, according to reports, have been put up for auction with a starting price of £727,000, a $1m equivalent.
Indications that something big may come out of the used tissue became evident when someone who also sat in the front began to collect them off the floor after the press conference. Shortly afterwards, the individual listed it online.
the front row who subsequently listed it On Meikeduo, an international auction site with the description that it, “contains Messi’s genetic material”.
The listing informs prospective buyers that the tissues are available to “clone” a new version of Messi.

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