Its Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Not Afghanistan-Talibans

Following its seizure of power in Afghanistan, the Talibans have announced a name swap for the country. Rather than just Afghanistan as the battle wary country has been known, its new rulers, the militant Islamic group, which took control of power and presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday, has announced that from henceforth the country will be known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Reports say the coming of the Talibans and the country’s new identity is one of many drastic changes a lot of Afghans fear would usher in a new draconian order hence a huge number of them are willing to take all risks to get out of the country before its too late.

The reports cited the example of Afghans attempting to scamper to safety through any available means of one of the proofs.

In one trending video, hordes of Afghans are seen scampering to find their way into a US military jet to get out of Kabul.

The video also showed hundreds of Afghans running alongside the plane as it taxied on the runway, some clinging to the side as the jet as it took off from Kabul International Airport.

Seven persons reportedly died from the incident, including those who fell off from the flight.

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