Michael Jordan’s Falling Fortunes: Messi to the Rescue

*Helps Recoup Losses After Joining PSG

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency Reports

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, NBA legend Michael Jordan, was not only compelled to experience restrictive physical movement, his investment fortunes also took a tuck-in. According to findings by Forbes, the former Chicago Bulls’ star lost about 24 per cent of his investment while the pandemic raged, dropping from his networth of $2.1bn to $1.6bn.

Obviously, the Covid-19 era was certainly a cursed one for him. The reason, it seems, is not far to seek.
Among others, Jordan is more into sports marketing than anything else. With the industry experiencing a real pandemic all time lull in patronage, there is no prize predicting how badly hit his investing turned. He simply had to endure periods of melancholy.
But the song seems to be melodious now with the pandemic generally easing and sports taking its rightly place gradually. Just as well, Jordan now has real reasons to flash his infectious smile again as his fortunes begin a massive fight back to where it ought to be. That’s where Messi’s link with PSG is Nightingale’s song to the former All Star champion. That is, if one considers the relationship between the club and the former basketball star.
PSG has been wearing Jordan’/Nike brand since the 2019 season. His take from the sales agreement is 5 per cent of the profit of every jersey sold.

The good news now is that the club is expected to sell about 2.5 million shirts with the coming of the Argentine foitball maestro, particularly the ones that have Messi’s on them.

At the moment, PSG have earned about €120m from the sales of Messi’s shirt since they went on sale. What that means is that the American will be smiling to the bank with a €6m credit in just one weekend of Messi’s appearance in PSG colours. That’s not predicting how much he will get as the days, weeks, months and years roll in. Certainly, the figures will look north barring all odds.
I can hear him say, “Merci beaucoup, Messi!”

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