It’s A Clean Pro Debut For Ali’s Grandson

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency Reports

I’m a believer in genes-Bob Arum
If the above words of legendary boxing manager, Bob Arum, is anything to go by, the boxing world may have good reasons to look out for a Mohammed Ali reincarnate. That much came to the fore Saturday night in Oklahoma, where Nico Walsh-Ali, the legend’s grandson made mincemeat of his opponent in his pro debut. Within 90 seconds of the opening bell, Walsh sent his opponent, Jordan Weeks, to sleep with a right hand.

Walsh who had on, white trunks made for his grand father, could not but pay glowing tribute to the legend after the fight.
“It’s been an emotional journey this whole ride. Obviously, my grandfather, I’ve been thinking about him so much. I miss him.”
Apparently trying to follow his grandfather’s rather large boxing footsteps, Walsh actually showed competence for a novice as he displayed good hand speed and power against Weeks, a Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, fighter,.
Of course, family members were on hand to celebrated with him in the ring, alongside the 89 year-old Bob Arum, who promoted 27 of Walsh’s grand father’s fights. Arum, who staged Mohammed Ali’s last fight some 55 years ago said afterwards, “I’m a believer in genes,” apparently predicting that Walsh will re-enact his grandpa’s glorious boxing days again.
It’s something boxing enthusiasts may have to look forward to.

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