Watery Deluge Hits Bauchi, Destroys 170 houses, Displaces Over 1,200

Kirfi in Cheledi community, in Kirfi local government area of Bauchi state, played the unwelcome host to savage flooding on Saturday. Reliable sources disclosed that the incident was triggered by the deluge of water from neighbouring mountain tops as a result of Friday’s torrential rain that buffeted surrounding communities and wrecked untold havoc on them.
When it subsided, it left 170 homes in ruins, over 1,200 persons homeless.
Displaced persons say flooding became inevitable due, in the main, to lack of drainage facilities to ease flow of running rain water. According to them, the only thing residents could do was to run for dear life as the floods rushed down from the mountains.
“Water rushed from the mountains destroying houses on its way. We saw it coming and had to run for our lives. Some of the displaced persons are taking refuge in schools and their relatives in the community.”
At the moment, the major concern for members of the affected communities is relief materials. Indeed, they also urging the governor to, as a matter of urgency, enforce compliance on rules banning construction of structures on water ways.
“We want the government to enforce compliance with the ban on construction of structures on water right-of-way to control flooding and ensure people vacate waterways.” one of the displaced persons said
Already, state governor, Bala Mohammed, was in the affected communities to commiserate with them over the sad incident. Obviously disturbed by the level of destruction, the governor is however, happy that no life was lost during the incident.
Meanwhile, he has promised that the state will conduct a damage assessment exercise in order to first put an emergency intervention program in place to address the plight of those affected by the flooding, adding that the government will henceforth, adopt a proactive Erosion management measures in place to control the perennial menace.
“The disaster is devastating due to the level of destruction of houses and property,” said the governor who has already made available truck loads of relief materials for members of the affected communities. .
District Head of Kirfi, Mohamhed Umar, commended the gesture, assuring that the distribution of the relief items would assuage the suffering of the displaced persons. He however, called on the state government to help create awareness on the dangers associated with illegal structures on water ways by embarking and encouraging environment friendly sensitization programs that will engender flood checking habits among residents.
“When we had a similar disaster last year, you sent a powerful delegation to commiserate with us. Over N10 million was provided and shared among the victims. It really went far to ameliorate their losses,” he said while thanking the governor.

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