Talibans Take Over Kabul

*Es Ex President Ghani Flees

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency Reports

The fall of Kabul, Afghanistan capital, wasn’t unexpected. Not after the infamous withdrawal of US forces and the rampaging run over of one provincial headquarter after another, almost without a skirmish. In any case, with US back with about 3000 troops just to evacuate both its embassy staff and willing nationals almost on an emergency scale, the message was clear-Talibans would be in charge in a matter of days. Not exactly though because it happened in hours. And Kabul fell.
News that the worst case scenario would unfold in Kabul took a real turn when news filtered in that former president, Ashraf Ghani had made a hasty exit out of the country for his safety. Not long after the rumor made the rounds, agency reports confirmed that indeed, Ghani fled early Sunday, effecting ceding power as news of the Talibans reaching Kabul was confirmed. Effectively, Afghanistan is now firmly in the hands of the Talibans, ending decades of resilient struggle that also had Russia running out, like a dog with tail ticked between the legs.
“The former Afghan President has left the nation, leaving the people to this situation,” Abdullah Abdullah, who heads the peace process, said in a video on his Facebook page.
“God hold him accountable, and the people will have their judgement.” Abdallah added, almost as an after thought.
Abdallah gave no indication of where Ghani was headed. However, Afghan’s leading media group, Tolo news, hinted he may have found a safe haven Tajikistan.
Ghani’s escape from Kabul has always been one of the Taliban’s major demands during months of peace negotiations. He refused to bulge until now that the scale fell against him. No doubt, it’s good riddance to bad rubbish, as far as the Talibans are concerned now that the country is safely tucked in their firm grip.
There is a new Sheriff in Kabul who just announced a desire for a peaceful transition of power within the next few days. That much will happen as no one can rightly think of testing the will of the Emperor. Not after recording a modern day blitzkrieg across the entire country in just over one week after the departure of US troops.
But now that the Talibans have taken over, one of the real issues they have to sort out is the general fear among the populace, particularly in Kabul, is the fear of their hard-line brand of Islam.

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