You Talk Too Much-Roy Keane Tells Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury

*Names Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson His Favourite Icons

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency Reports

Former Manchester United legeng, Gary Neville is not the only one with an axe to grind with Boxing champions, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury for paying more attention to talk than their trade. Roy Keane, his teammate, is also not finding the boxers’ penchant for being too loquacious funny at all.
Kean made barred his mind on the duo while joining Neville, his former teammate, in one of the episodes of The Overlap, where he identified boxing as one of his favorite sports.
While dismissing the both of them as doing too much talking in, at least, the last one year, Kean listed Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali among his favourite sporting icons.

Kean, a notable ex Manchester United star, disclosed that he has developed a distaste for the current heavyweight scene following the collapse in negotiations for an undisputed fight this summer. He says he is sick of the heavy weights.
“I don’t like any of them, the heavyweight stuff. It’s irritating me. Too much talk,” Kean responded to Neville during rounds of quickfire questions.
As hard as Neville pressed for him to volunteer a choice between the duo, Keane insisted,
“None of them, they both irritate me. I’m not picking any of them.”
Recalled that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury had agreed to square up in a fight in Saudi Arabia. But the fight was called off following a ring by a US arbitration ring that Fury must honour his Trilogy agreement with Deontay Wilder.
Joshua, on the other hand, was match up with his mandatory challenger, Oleksandr Usyk, or risk losing his WBO belt.
Until both challenges are done with, the bout between both champions is a no issue. But it is a fight Joshua’s manager, Eddie Hearn still holds as imminently possible.
“I think with AJ fighting September 25, Fury now delayed until October, I think February is more realistic.
They had a huge offer from Saudi Arabia to do the fight there. With fans back in the UK, is that an option? Las Vegas? We’ll see. But first things first, let’s just beat Usyk, because if that doesn’t go to plan we can forget about it,” he said.

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