Tyson’ll Knockout Wilder Within 5 Rounds-John Fury

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency Reports

Father of Tyson Fury, John says not withstanding the fact that the former WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, is still a very dangerous boxer no one can overlook, his son, Tyson, will knock the American out within five rounds in their October 9 trilogy clash.
“It’ll be a quicker job than it was last time.”
John, who describes Wilder as a bump on the road toward the fight with IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, reveals that he is, at the moment, concerned about Tyson’s mental aspect of the game, something he wants his son to get tuned to without any delay as that is more to guarantee his victory more than anything else.
“He’s got his mind on his family right now. That, obviously comes first. Once he does get dialed in for training in the U.S, he’s going to have to stay focused. I think if he’s on his A-game, we tick on the boxes, it’ll be over within five rounds.
Besides being disturbed by Fury’s inactive at the moment, John is also concerned with timing his son’s training program in his US camp where, according to him, he is often surrounded by fawning, ‘Yes-Men’…who are blowing smoke up his backside, smothering him with compliments instead of telling him what he needs to know to keep improving. That, he says, has got to change because Fury will be fighting a monster in Wilder.
“He’ll be the fighting monster again. I don’t care if he fights Wilder next or ever again. The timing has got to be right.”
John’s recipe for a quick walk over Wilder doesn’t look like rocket science. To start with, he doesn’t want his son to go after Wilder like a freight train. Doing that, he warned, might see him being pole-axed. Instead, he wants the Gypsy king to adopt the dynamic, time-it-right, deliver-it-right approach.
“…if you’re in that man’s field and you’re doing what he does best and your head ain’t moving, and you’re coming in straight lines, and you’re this, and you’re that, you’re opening yourself for a knockout…you can’t do that with big dangerous punchers like Wilder.
More pre isely, John wants Tyson to bump, punch and box Wilder around until it’s right to make the big delivery and head off in wait for Joshua which is all he ever wanted anyway.
“I say box his head off, punch his head up for 15 to 20 seconds every round. When the time is right, fight him. When the time is wrong, box him. If you know you got him, unload on him. Until you know you got him, box his head off.
So what we do is get him bumped off and we’re on the AJ trail again. AJ, we should get him straight after. I’m not interested in anything. I wasn’t even interested in Wilder,” John said while predicting that Wilder will fall faster in the October 9th trilogy match.

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