We’re Testing Three Potential Covid-19 Treatments-WHO

*Artesunate, Imatinib and Infliximab to the Rescue

Ernest Omoarelojie with Agency

The World Health Organization, WHO, announced on Wednesday that major international trials of three drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 is ongoing. The announcement by WHO indicates that the trials are to the effect they may improve the condition of hospitalised Covid-19 patients.
The drugs, Artesunate, Imatinib and Infliximab, are expected to be tested on patients in more than 600 hospitals in 52 countries.
“Finding more effective and accessible therapeutics for Covid-19 patients remains a critical need,” Director-General, WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, disclosed.
Artesunate is a treatment drug for severe malaria while Imatinib is a drug used for certain cancers. Infliximab, on the other hand, is a treatment drug for immune system disorders such as Crohn’s and rheumatoid arthritis.
The WHO statement also indicates that the drugs donated by their manufacturers for the trials and that they are already being shipped out to the various hospitals involved.
“We already have many tools to prevent, test for and treat Covid-19, including oxygen, dexamethasone and IL-6 blockers. But we need more, for patients at all ends of the clinical spectrum, from mild to severe disease,” Tedros disclosed in a press conference.

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