“Let Him Suck the Breast, Damn It,” Health Experts Urge Pregnant Women

*Say It Makes Feeding A Delight for Babies

By Our Correspondent

Are you a pregnant woman, very skittish about your man playing the baby with your boobs and nipples? It’s time to get real and let him have his fill. So says experts who warn that refusing to let your husband suck the daylight off your breast places the unborn baby at health risk.
The disclosure was the thrust of a sensitization campaign embarked upon by Amuwo Odofin Maternal and Child Centre, Festac Town, Lagos, on Thursday as part of activities put in place to mark the 2021 World Breastfeeding Week.
Among others, Chief Nursing Officer, Roseline Oladimeji, who delivered the key note address, counseled women to open up for more breast sucking routine by their husbands as it helps to prepare them for breastfeeding after delivery.
“Allow your husband to suck your breasts during pregnancy. Apart from bonding, it will help the nipples to be out and make it easier for your baby to latch on,” she counseled.
According to Chief Nurse Oladimeji, pregnant women need to prepare their breasts during pregnancy to avoid lactation challenges after delivery. One sure fire way to do that, she noted, is sucking, adding that pregnant women can also apply Vaseline on their nipples before going to bed at night as “…it helps to soften it.”
Oladimeji, who counseled on the importance of breast feeding, advised pregnant women to create an easy breast milk discharge routine for their children as colostrum, the first milk produced by their mammary glands immediately after delivery is rich in nutrients that boost the baby’s immunity.
She also warned pregnant women to avoid certain food, herbs and medications that are capable of hurting babies if they find their ways into breast milk. In particular, she warned pregnant women to desist from drinking palm wine, claimed to improve lactation, as it “…could introduce into the baby’s system during breastfeeding.”

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