We Paid Half A Million Naira Each-Bethel Baptist College Parent

One of the parents of the abducted Bethel Baptist College has revealed that each family paid N500, 000 each for the release of their abducted children. The parent, who opted to remain anonymous is however, not happy that despite making the payment, some of the children, including her own, are yet to be released.
“The pain for those of us whose children are still out there with the bandits is that we paid and only 28 were released. What happens to the rest? It will be one full month this weekend that the kids have been with them. They were taken away at exactly 2am on July 5.”
The distraught mother disclosed further that since the adoption of the children, she, like other parents, has had to live with untold trauma of not knowing the fate of her abducted child. She said her level of distress usually rise each it rains knowing full well that her child is in the open forest without the luxury of a roof or warm clothes.
“Any time it rains, what comes to our mind is we don’t know what these children are passing through right now. We are in the house and at least have the luxury of using blankets. But what do these kids have to cover themselves from the cold out there in the bush?
Honestly, I haven’t been able to sleep in the last three weeks since this thing happened. I can’t even eat. Imagine the trauma the parents are passing through. It’s not funny at all. In fact you need to see me. Most of the clothes I could no longer wear, it is now that I am able to put them on,” she lamented.
Though she has no idea of who, between the bandits and school management, came up with the half a million payment by individual family, she disclosed however, that it was the school that informed them of how much to be paid by each affected family.
“We don’t know. The Baptist Conference communicated it to us. I think they were initially asking for N189million. We don’t know how much they arrived at but we as parents, we were asked to contribute N500,000 each.
She revealed that her family had to rally university colleagues and so many other people to make the money most of which she has no idea how to repay.
“I tell you, that is another story entirely. I was able to raise the money through contributions from my colleagues from University, name withheld, my association in my base. So many people teamed up and raised the money through their nose, so that I could achieve the target money and secure the release of this child. Now they decided to collect the money and still hold on to majority of them, including my daughter. Now how fair is that?”
Like other parents whose children are still with the abductors in the forest, she is appealing to the bandits to have mercy on both the suffering children and the traumatized family members.
“They should temper justice with mercy. These children are innocent. Please, I beg them to release them to their parents,” she pleaded.
She also wants the federal government to live up to its responsibility of securing lives and property.
“I cannot say I am disappointed in the government per se. But honestly, I want the government to sit these people down and ask what exactly their grouses are, so that they can at least be met or resolved and peace can be restored to Nigeria.”
At this point, he seemed to suddenly become aware he was talking too much and literally became taciturn, refusing to give any further details. And then he said, “I am very sorry, we’ve been forbidden to talk to the press until our children are back.”
Another parent, one of the lucky ones, who admitted that her child has been released and back with her, however, said she was not willing to make any comment on the matter; while another, who said he was just getting back home from the hospital with his just released child, said he .

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