Spousal Support: Pay Nicole $293,306k Every Month

*Court Orders Dr Dre

These are certainly no happy days for Dr Dre. If available legal documents are anything to go by, a US court has ordered the ace music producer and rapper to pay a hefty $293,306 every month to his estranged wife, Nicole Young.
Though it’s supposed to be temporary spousal support, Dre is under mandate to keep doling out the payment to Ms Young as long as it takes her to find another husband or enters into a new domestic partnership, whichever comes before eternity. Worse still, the music morgul must cough out and hand over the money to Ms Young on the first day of every number of every damned months it lasted.
The good news however, that’s if you see anything good about it, is that payment, which will amounts to a yearly $3,519,672, will commence on August 1, 2021
Pretty sad, you’d say. It sure is sad as Dre is also under mandate to be responsible for the payment of Nicole’s health insurance and other fees, including the expenses for “the Malibu, and Pacific Palisades homes”.
Nicole filed for divorce in June after 24 years of union with Dre, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for her desired split. While the marriage, contracted in 1996, was first for Dre, it was the second for Nicole who was previously married to NBA player, Sedale Threatt. The duo have two adult children between them, 19 year-old daughter, Truly Young, and son Truice Young, 23. However, Dre has four children from previous relationships.

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