Compiled by Ernest Omoarelojie

In the case of APGA, we acted on the basis of two court orders, one from Jigawa state which affirmed that Chief Jude Okeke was the acting national chairman of the party. In the judgement, INEC was mandated to relate with the faction and also give cognizance to any party primary organized or conducted under the leadership. The judgement has not been upturned. But if a valid court order comes up tomorrow telling us that the candidate whose name we’ve published is no longer the candidate, and another candidate’s name is given, we will definitely comply.
-Chairman Information and Voter Education Committee, Barr Festus Okoye,

We have budgeted for our counterpart funding. We did that last year. But, if you go into the budget, you will see about fifty something billion. It is to pay our counterpart funding of Phase 1 and to provide for Phase 2. If the road is approved today, we will start work and our obligation to pay our 58 per cent tax today. So, we have not only provided for Phase 1, we have provided in anticipation for Phase 2.
We have also provided for so many other things. Nigerians will say that we have signed away our sovereignty and all of that. It is not true but that is a matter for another day’s discussion. To the best of my knowledge, these two projects are the only projects being funded by this ministry. So, contrary to the impression being created out there, that we have taken so much loan, it is not true! The other project being funded by multilateral loan is funded by the African Development Bank. That is Enugu to Bermenga Road and the bridge project that links Nigeria to Cameroon. It was a joint venture between Nigeria and Cameroon; to create a faster border crossing between Nigeria and Cameroon, after the Bakassi section.
In fact, that bridge is essentially finished. We will hand it over later this year. So, Cameroon took a loan, we also took a loan. Just to be specific. Those are the two projects being funded by China funding contrary to what is being pushed out there
-Minister of Works, Babatunde Raji Fashola, on allegations that Nigeria signed away its sovereignty for loans.

Our team of dedicated and competent legal experts has studied the judgment and is confident of overturning it effortlessly. The party is at liberty to nominate the right candidate so long as due process is followed. Soludo’s nomination followed due process religiously.
Our supporters and indeed all Anambra people, who have been waiting patiently for Soludo’s leadership of the state, are advised not to be deterred by the Jigawa State Court order.
They should rather remain supremely confident of not only Soludo’s participation in the November 6 election but also his triumph in the polls with a big margin which will lead to a new era in our state for the benefit of all
-Former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo, on being dropped by INEC from Anambra governorship election in November.

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