Adeosun Was Ineligible for NYSC-Court

Ade-Ade Bosun, Abuja.

A Federal High Court has ruled that former finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun is not eligible for the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, mobilization.
The court which made the ruling in Abuja on Wednesday, held that she was not obliged to present herself for the NYSC mobilisation under the prevailing 1979 Constitution as she was not a Nigerian citizen either at the time of her graduation or when she turned 30 years.
The court, presided over by Justice Taiwo Taiwo, held further that the constitution does not require her to present a first degree certificate or any other document, including discharge or exemption, for political appointment, adding that in particular, her ministerial appointment was not illegal, neither was it unconstitutional, even without presenting the NYSC certificate.
According to the ruling, since the 1979 Constitution, which was in force at the time did not recognise dual citizenship, Adeosun could not have served because she was a British citizen. It averred that Nigeria’s citizenship only reverted under extant constitution by which time Adeosun was well above 30, and by the court ruling, barred from the NYSC scheme, as it was exclusively reserved for Nigeria.
Consequently, the court granted all reliefs sought by Adeosun’s counsel.
Ms Adeosun graduated from the University of East London in 1989 at the age of 22.
“The ruling vindicates me after a very traumatic spell. It is, however, not only a personal victory. It’s also a victory for many Nigerians in the Diaspora under similar condition, who are desirous to serve their country,” a relieved Adeosun noted.

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