Compiled by Ernest Omoarelojie

We all desired a nation devoid of any form of kidnapping and terrorism.We have heard prophecies of a shining Nigeria, we are longing for the day those prophecies will come to reality. We need to fight the fight of faith because God’s plan for the greatness of Nigeria has not changed, it will surely come. We need to pray for Nigeria.”
Many are weighed down because of problems they are going through, we must as Christians keep the Altars of God burning with prayers to overcome these problems.
We must keep faith and see the problems we are going through as bread. God will take us to the promise land of a great nation with great values.We must reject politics of identity and ethnicity. Nigeria is going to be a shining nation, and insecurity will soon end
-Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, on the country’s insecurity.

Take any country in the world, even in the West and where it appears the economy is alright and things are right, there are still people who are not satisfied with what is happening over there.
In our country here, we have had people who have voiced it out, that this is what they would prefer. But you must understand that they don’t represent probably the majority of the country.
As those groups are saying what they are saying, they are alright to say what they want to say because of democracy. That is the way they feel.
Even the leaders in those states and the leaders in those various zones are not totally in agreement that the part of the country should break up, what we can say is that we shouldn’t over the beach the situation, what we’re looking for is peace, once there is a correction of what they are complaining about, staying together would be the best but, again everybody has the freedom to speak out their mind
“General Overseer, Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, on the right to express dissent in a democracy.

My lord, my house was invaded and people were killed. I would have been killed too if I had not hid myself. That was why I have been unable to attend court.
I would have been killed the way others were killed when my house was invaded
-Self acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on why he jumped bail and fled to the UK.

My brother stood for the truth, and Heaven is on the part of anyone standing for the truth. He committed no crime, and the whole world is watching.”
-Emmanuel Kanu, younger brother of extradited IPOB self-styled leader, Nnamdi Kanu, on why his brother must come to no harm.

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