Anambra 2021: Behold, APC’s Three Musketeers

From Chuks Collins, Awka

As the All Progressives Congress Party, APC, primary flags off, political pundits are looking more in the direction of three aspirants from among whom one will emerge as winner. That is, barring unforeseen developments. Below are the “Three Musketeers” as they are being referred and the punches each one of them packs. The line up is in no particular order.

Sen Andy Uba,
Senator Andy Nnamdi Emmanuel Uba needs no introduction. Literally speaking, he has been to so many places in such a short time of his emergence in the political horizon of the state. A man of few words, it could be safely said that his career has been regularly punctuated by one scandal or another.
Evidently he has a morbid fear for company or contest, no matter how minor. The longest he lasted on any position was the eight long years as the Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo of Domestic Affairs.
He was to be settled with the governorship seat of Anambra state, unfortunately the gods had different plans. He got the seat, but it was quickly taken away from him and handed over to Mr Peter Obi.
Since then, he has been trying without success to reclaim the seat. He has consequently changed political parties, still no way. In the present dispensation, if the stories making the rounds is anything to go bye, his constant closeness to Gov Hope Uzodinma of Imo State who was handed over the Anambra 2021 Governorship matter by the party to successfully prosecute, Uba might have secured the APC ticket. And whether he would win the main election is a matter for another day.
Incidentally he found himself in the main quartet of the APC who look good of taking the victory in the election. However, no one would discount the negative effect of the Heritage Bank loan scandal currently hanging over his head. The badly written letter by his lawyers notwithstanding, the gamble by the bank was one platform Uba would have used to shine and turn the smear tide in his favour.
Again, it was suspected that wether the smear campaign by the supposed bank against him, first of its kind was good enough to cause the management their license, the Senator was said to be racing against time. He was reliably said to lack the favour of the nation’s seat of power, contrary to the deceptive impression being sold to the Anambra public. Being that he was from the Obj school of politics, the incumbent powers at Aso Rock do not find it funny to walk along with anyone from the past order. That appeared to be Uba’s greatest undoing.
It’s even more scandalous that a man who was reputed to be stupendously rich less than twenty years ago would has, so soon, resorted to bank borrowing. How that came to be, beats everyone’s imagination. The question is, would he really be able to manage a complex and developed economy like Anambra? For now, he is a member of the APC triumvirate.

Dr George Moghalu
Second, in no particular order, on the list is Dr George Moghalu. Admitting that he has really come a long way in his desire to serve the state as Governor is stating the obvious. For a man who says he grateful to God Almighty for granting him health, strength and sound mind to think in that direction, there is no doubt that he takes his ambition seriously. He says his interest about serving is not premised on what he’s put on ground; as it is about the people of Anambra state. He knows the stages involved hence no one can wish him the claim to the diadem.
He knows that the emphasis now is on talking to our party members just for them to place their confidence on him. He knows too that it’s only after successfully concluding the issue of primary and becoming the candidate that anyone can move the preparations up to the other level in order to get the entire state involved in the process of contesting and winning the election.
“We are indeed doing our best in reaching out and consulting as much as possible. We are talking to friends, party members and colleagues. We are also continuously talking to God ceaselessly to be by our side. As I often say, all power belongs to God and He gives to whom he pleases at His own time.
I have designed a 13-point agenda that I will present to Anambra people when I flag off my campaign. But the very critical issue there is the fact that our people have lost confidence in government. Our people don’t trust government anymore. They don’t believe Government. They don’t see the sincerity in government. So, this glaring loss of confidence is a primary concern. It’s something that requires urgent attention. Therefore if I win the nomination today, that will be a major consideration for me.”
Another key issue is Security which is a primary responsibility of government. He knows as much as anyone else that economic prosperity in an insecured environment is a pipe dream. So there is hardly any doubt as to why it is key in his plan.
Then we consider the issue of infrastructure. Because for a stable and thriving economy there must be a functional, standard infrastructure base that cut across. Since you asked or three points I have to limit myself to this three. We keep spending, because I strongly believe that if there is any calling I have, it’s to be my brothers’ keeper. And that is what am working towards”.
When asked to address Ndi Anambra ahead the party primary coming at the weekend, Moghalu said,
“Like I have always told them, let them trust me. I appeal to all, I come with a sincere aim, commitment and dedication to serve. I am someone who is ever conscious of the judgment of history. I want to be remembered for positive reasons. I always said that no one is ever remembered for his material wealth or acquisition. What people are remembered for are their contributions to the society. How they have served humanity.
I say it always that public office is a trust given to you by God Almighty. If you don’t account here, you will account in the world hereafter. It is sure. That’s why I pity fellow politicians who act without deep or consideration.”

Dr Chidozie Nwankwo
Dr Chidozie Nwankwo’s exuberance and zeal is infectious. This is particularly so given that it is first political outing. How much of that will be left can only come after the winner and losers emerge. Certainly however, he does not sound like a greenhorn at all apparently because he surrounded himself with experienced political technocrats.
Dr Nwankwo is keenly aware that leadership is the biggest challenge in the country. He knows too well that the nation and indeed Anambra is in dire need of it. As he said, he is in the race to provide ideal leadership required for all-round development-one with experience, zeal and know how or ability to achieve the set goals.
“I have established and own successful businesses in no fewer than seven countries in the world today. This means I have successfully managed men and material resources in different environment, scenarios financial ideologies. I have in each of these businesses reached the apex, and that alone has singled me out of all other contestants -who are either administrative/managerial neophytes or mere vocal/hot air blowers in leadership. Little wonder we have continued to wobble with our future and development where people who have no affinity or plan with even their immediate environment, let alone the state are often foisted on the citizens to endure their baggage of character flaws.
Anambra is richly endowed with people who are creative. In the entire nation, most of the flourishing businesses are owned and managed by sons and daughters of Anambra state and that has singled us from the crowd. So if you look at our infrastructure and projections, it doesn’t translate to who we are and who we ought to be. Looking at the citizens of the state who were given the equivalent of only twenty Naira after the civil war and where we are today, it clearly explains the intellectual industry and capability that God endowed us with.
Therefore what we need are people who have justified themselves in their chosen fields of human endeavors. People who have verifiable pedigree and records that can be able to transform this state to the place of our dreams.
I will try to decongest Onitsha, Nnewi and then be able to set out five mega projects. Then the Awka capital city and environs need to be given a major lift. Within my first 100 days we will be able to set the stage going to show Anambra what we intend to do in the first one year.
The first 100 days would be used to kickstart what to expect in the next one year. It’s to show Anambra and her citizens that we are not making empty promises.”
He is a member of the quartet.
Other aspirants include Chief Azuka Okwuosa; Paul Izuchukwu Orajiaka; Edozie Madu; Maxwell Okoye; Chief Ikeobasi Mokelu; Rev hGodwin Okonkwo and Chief Johnbosco Onunkwo, popularly called the digital governor”

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