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The Northern Elders Forum will not encourage even contemplation of any other form of government other than one that emerges democratically.
There are many grounds to question the competence and sensitivity of President Buhari’s administration. Even his most ardent supporters, if he has any, that is, will wish he has shown greater respect for inclusion and accountability of those he chooses to trust with power.
The nation is paying a heavy price for mediocrity and ineffectiveness in key areas of decision-making under President Buhari.
There is however a judicial recourse for abuse of constitutional provisions for a federal character in all matters of governance. Nigerians who feel there are sufficient grounds to challenge the administration should take advantage of that provision.
The Forum believes that it is irresponsible to search for solutions to President Buhari’s poor governance outside the democratic process
-Director, Publicity and Advocacy, NEF, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, taking a swipe at the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev Matthew Kukah, over comments on alleged lopsided federal appointments.

So far, all the policies, initiatives, projects and even appointments by this administration have been guided by equity and inclusiveness.’’
-Secretary to the Federal Government, Boss Mustapha, on federal government’s appointments.

Buhari’s claims, deceptive
The party’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Diran Odeyemi, said: ‘’Even the President does not believe himself when he made that claim.
President Buhari is only trying to run away from the calls for restructuring of the Nigerian state. How come he is just remembering the fairness of his appointments and policies? Truth is that no President in the history of this country has divided us as a people than President Buhari.
He should listen to Nigerians and restructure the country. If we may ask, what did he premise his claim on? How fare have these policies been? What is the justification for describing his appointments as fair
-Deputy National Publicity Secretary, PDP, Diran Odeyemi.

President turning truth, reality upside down. Going by various views being expressed by President Muhammadu Buhari, it does look like some English words that we know have different meanings or connotations to our President.
If the President had brought up the issues of fairness and inclusiveness in terms of recognising certain icons such as late MKO Abiola, Alhaji Babagana Kingibe as well as recognition of June 12, 1993 as an unforgettable phenomenon, we may say that he may be making a point.
But for him to say he is fair and democratic (i.e inclusive) in the appointments he makes and in his government’s policies is to turn the truth and reality upside down. He is not correct. He is not fair either.
This type of posture by the President partly explains why his administration continues to make blunders in its appointments. Since it believes that it is fair, it would not make any effort at ensuring balancing.
This is unfortunate not only because it is against the federal character clause in the Constitution but also because it is alienating large sections of the country. It is high time those who are close to the President tell him these facts.

-Afenifere’s National Publicity Secretary, Jare Ajayi,

He’s not aware of those appointed into office. It is laughable. This shows honestly that they are not in touch with realities. Or he is not aware of who and who he has appointed. Perhaps, we should print out the list of those who hold offices in the country and present it to him.
He has been fair in his appointment, maybe fair has a different meaning in his dictionary. For us and everyone who is a Nigerian, knows who occupied what position knows that that statement doesn’t make sense.
The policies are the same thing. The social intervention programme, where they pay N10,000 every month to some people they say are the poorest of the poor, how do you define the poorest of the poor? Who are the people been paid on the country? Which states are benefitting
-National Publicity Secretary, PANDEF, Ken Robinson.

They know that they are not fair. They know that this administration is bias and nepotism is their watchword.
We have always called on president. Last year we made an open letter to him and our national leader emphasized it particularly the appointments in the NNPC, an industry that is operated in the Niger Delta region, the appointments in NPA, everywhere, there are several examples to cite that this Government is biased, is prejudiced and conducts affairs of the Government as if some parts of the country are hated and should be excluded from everything that the government is doing.
We have asked the president to remove the toga of nepotism, let him be a president of all Nigerians. He is not president of federal republic of Katsina State or Northern Nigeria or Fulanis. He is the President of Nigeria and he should so be.
It is not true. He has been implementing his policy of 95 per cent of those who voted him as he pronounced. That has been his policies since he came in 2015. And that policy and his actions have been the reason you have agitations all over.
He had not been fatherly. Of all the Service Chiefs, no Igbo man is appointed. How fair is he
-Spokesman, Ohanaeze, Alex Ogbonnia.

“That claim is laughable and ridiculous. No one would say something is wrong if it is not wrong. That is what I will start with. You don’t have to go to Nigerians and start pleading before they would know what is wrong.
You don’t go and announce the appointment of permanent secretaries who are career civil servants to tell Nigerians that you are being fair.
All the political appointments he has been making, security appointments he has been making are skewed in favour of Northern Muslims, it is known.
Look at the Army, DSS, Police, Civil Defence, Customs, name them, everything is skewed in favour of Northern Muslims, especially the Fulani
-National President of MBF, Dr. Bitrus Pogu.

We have become the glue that holds Nigeria together because we are the largest domestic investors in Nigeria.
We are the most travelled people in Nigeria, we don’t want to leave Nigeria but some people are trying to push us out of the country and the reason they are doing that is what we don’t know. We have a document that manifests a sectional approach to governance and we are not afraid to say it.
Even in the past, Boko Haram was very well known to have devastated parts of Nigeria and has even grown to have brothers and sisters now called bandits, yet nobody has designated them as terrorists, but when our boys were running around here carrying flags, saying they want referendum, it was very quick and easy for the federal government to designate them a terrorist organization.
This unequal treatment of the people is at the root of the problems of Nigeria. There is now a feeling of alienation of the Igbo and it is not just us the Igbo that have that feeling, it has spread all over the place in the North, West, and South
Senator Eyinanya Abaribe, on the need for restructuring.

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