Compiled by Ernest Omoarelojie

Our political representatives are not doing enough, especially the Senate and House of Representatives. If you study the constitution very carefully, you will realise the fact that they have certain powers which they have not touched, which they can use to compel this government to act the way it should. It’s not good enough.
Even the governors are also too timid. There are some laws they can push so we can get a sense of governance at all tiers. People are ready to stand behind their leaders. People are doing what they can in their own capacity. They are mobilizing. They are creating self-defence. They are marching the streets, demanding extreme action. So what else did they need to be doing
-Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, on the need for urgent to stem Nigeria’s drift as a slippery shod.

But much, more importantly, propaganda against the government by the elites in the South-East should stop because it is that propaganda that provoked troubles that we are now noticing. People have been brainwashed and the separatists humped on that foundation to now shout from the rooftops that we will give you Biafra and when we give you Biafra, all these things will disappear.
There is no country that does not have its own problems. We have economic problems here and that is why we have unemployment and of course, we have a youth bulge in our population. About 60 per cent of them are youths and a lot of them are unemployed. So, the government is devising ways to tackle that. It is a work in progress
-Labour Minister, Sen Chris Ngige, on the need for Nigerians to provoking the country’s insecurity with propaganda.

I don’t know when I said congratulations to Gusau for winning the AFN election in Kebbi. But my take is this. The process that brought Okowa in as AFN president is the ministry election, not AFN election and I will keep using the two words ‘ministry’s election’ because the procedures were wrong and unconstitutional.”
-Former Vice President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, Olamide George, on the illegality of the process that brought in the new AFN board.

The idea of me being able to play for Nigeria, with that being an option, I would happily grab that with both hands.
“Obviously, there’s a lot of things I can openly say that I don’t know about Nigerian culture but I want to learn because I know that it’s in me, and it’s in my sister and in my dad
-British-Nigerian Leicester player, Ashleigh Plumptre, on the possibility of representing Nigeria as a Super Falcon player.

I didn’t step on Kwankwaso’s poster deliberately.”
-Kano state governor, Abdulahi Ganduje, debunking claims he deliberately attempted to belittle his predecessor by matching on his photograph.

Last week I was in New York when a senior citizen received a phone call from somebody that is not even under investigation. The young man said ‘I am going to kill him (Bawa), I am going to kill him. I get death threats. So it is real. Corruption can fight back.
-EFCC chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, on threats to his life by corrupt Nigerians.

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