Compiled by Ernest Omoarelojie

We have already commenced the process of recruiting responsible people of 50 years and below into the Volunteer Guards. Their duty is to support the conventional security agencies in defending their communities. We have cried enough. We will cry no more. Now is time for action.
-Benue state governor, Gabriel Ortom, on his new resolve.

People who want to pursue their personal interests are using some sections of the media irresponsibility.
“They go about propagating falsehood, fake news, incitement and refusing to abide by professional code of ethics. Sometimes, when you follow what some people put in the social media, you wonder whether they believe in Nigeria
-Fmr Plateau state governor, SolomonLalong, on Nigeria’s festering insecurity.

While all that was happening, the residents didn’t know that robbers had arrived in the communities because the spot where the APC was parked is not close to the residential area. The robbers later divided themselves into groups of three persons each. They moved on commercial motorcycles to where they would carry out the attacks. It was after they struck that many people got to know that the robbers used Ikoyi as a transit point to their targets. I also believe the robbers hid their weapons as they moved to Apomu and Ikire.”
-An Osun state indigene, narrating his experience while watching an attack by armed robbers.

I do not see anything good or cheering coming out of it because our politicians are not sincere, if not for their insincerity and deceit something good should come out of it. Are they ready to let us have one chamber instead of this two chambers (House of Representatives and Senate) that we are wasting millions on?”
-Leader, Ijaw Monitoring Group, IMG, Comrade Joseph Evah, on his assessment of the Ongoing Constitution Review Committee meetings.

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