Compiled by Ernest Omoarelojie

My commitment to bequeathing a sustainable democratic culture remains resolute, my pursuit of a fair society remains unshaken and my desire to see that Nigeria remains a country for each and every one of us has never been stronger.”
Nigerian should be fair to this administration, they should reflect seriously at the time we came in esp relative to the north east and south south
The resources we have now, how much were we producing now to what the previous adminiatration was producing. 2.1m barrel per day average at the Price cost of 100 american dollar.”
-Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, on the need for Nigerians to be fair to his administration.

Operation is very difficult now. We have about almost 20 planes stranded abroad, depleting our capacity to do what we know how best. Before COVID-19, we were doing about 120 flights daily; now we are doing about 40 to 45. Yet I decided to recall every staff. Not only recalling every staff four months ago, I restated them to pre-COVID salaries. And now I decided that we should increase their wages, ranging from 10 per cent, to 100 percent. Some people got 100 per cent increase, some others 80 per cent, like that, depending on where the person level is. So that is what we did. We are not doing it for show. We are doing it because we believe that is best way to put smiles on the faces of the workers.”
-Managing Directot/CEO, Air Peace, Allen Onyema, on staff motivation.

“…the federal government never contemplated at any time to act contrary to the agreement signed and no amount of the funds will be sent to any state of the federation.
-Umar Gwandu Spokesperson to Abubakar Malami, on Ibori’s £4.2m loot.

Before 2014 when GOtv Boxing Night debuted, Nigerian boxing was no longer in existence, it had gone down completely. Nigeria which use to be one of the best boxing nations in the world could no longer boast of something positive about boxing, but thank God for GOtv Boxing that came to the rescue. The situation has now changed positively. Boxing is now bringing back the glory Nigeria had in the past. It was boxing that first put Nigeria’s name on the world sporting map, but unfortunately, the game went down.”
-President, Nigeria Boxing Board of Control, NBBC, Dr. Rafiu Ladipo, on how Gotv revived Nigerian boxing.

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