For N5m, I Promised Silence-Native Doctor

The last has certainly not been heard of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Ms Josephine Onche, an operative of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, who was reportedly murdered by her fiance, one Christopher Akpan, a few day days to her wedding. Police sources say the native doctor, Rafiu Afolabi, fingered in the murder, admitted playing a role but only to the extent of directives given by Akpan.
According to 67 year-old Afolabi, a native of Saki, Oyo State, it was Akpan who did the killing after which he offered to buy his silence with a promise of N5m out of which he only gave him N50,000
Afolabi disclosed that he met the victim for the first time in 2019 when she paid him a visit to help her with something that would improve her mortar and pestle business. That done, the lady returned to for a concoction that would prevent late pregnancy after her. It was while delivering the concoction he met Akpan, her fiance.
“In 2019, the late Josephine came to my shrine in company with one man. She sold mortar and pestle and needed my help so that the business would flourish. I collected N14,000 for the job and asked her to return in three days.
When she returned, she told me of her plans to get married. She asked me to prepare medicine for her so that she would get pregnant quickly. I took the medicine to her house, and it was there that I met her fiancé. On December 19, 2019, at about 6.30 pm, I saw her and her fiancé in Otukpo.”
Afolabi narrated that Akpan later came to his shrine to inform him of his desire to use the victim for money ritual, promising to give him N5m for silence. Thereafter, events took a bizzare turn culminating in the gruesome murder of the late NSCDC operative.
“He (Akpan) later came to my shrine and said that he wanted to use her (Josephine) for money ritual. He said he would give me N5m for me to be silent. At about 10 pm on a later day, we met inside a forest with Josephine. I never knew Akpan had a gun with him. He brought out a cloth, spread it on the ground, and asked her to kneel down for prayers. Before I could understand what was going on, he shot her on the head. He quickly grabbed a calabash and poured some of the blood gushing out from her head into the calabash. I ran home, got a hoe and we dug a shallow grave and buried her.
When we left the forest, I asked him to bring the N5m that he promised and he promised to give me after eight days. He came to my house later that night and gave me only N50,000. He asked me to be patient to collect the balance,” the native doctor narrated.
But Afolabi’s statement runs contrary to that of Akpan who said he met Afolabi in 2017, not 2019 when he accompanied Josephine to drop off a bag of charcoal at the native doctor’s house.
“That was the first and last time that I met him,” Akpan said.

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