Compiled by Ernest Omoarelojie

“A nation that turns its Police personnel and infrastructure into targets of violence and destruction is a nation on the path of self-destruction.
As Commander-in-chief, my primary responsibility remains the security of the country and the safety of all citizens.
Despite the many challenges we are facing, I want Nigerians to be rest assured that we will secure this country.
We will secure our infrastructure, our highways, our communities, and our forests, and we will secure the lives of our people,”
-Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, on the country’s insecurity.

“We discussed everything,”
-Archbishop Emeritus, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, on what stakeholders discussed on state of insecurity in the country.

“I saw a bus getting robbed in front of me on Eko Bridge in broad daylight. One had gun, the other a brand new cutlass. Lagosians are sitting ducks on bridges across the city. My colleague was still trying to get some work done on his phone when a hawker stopped by my window and said drop your phone, they are robbing. Not less than two minutes later, they went after a white bus, slapped people, pulled out a cutlass, broke one of the back windows.
The driver tried to manoeuvre, but everyone beside and behind him was trying to escape as well. They circled round and that’s when another brought out a gun. Passengers started jumping down, even passengers from a bus behind. They tried to go after a car too.”
-A Lagos commuter on traffic robbers.

“The governor of Benue said I cannot discipline the cattle rearers because I am one of them. I cannot deny that I am one of them,”
President Buhari taking a swipe at Ortom.

” When I saw his friendly, lying look, which sought me out as a voter, I was filled with disgust.”
-Damien Tarel, on why he slapped French President, Emmanuel Macron.
“I want to use this opportunity to reach out to our young people to embrace dialogue. Please, come let’s talk. We will stand for the right of Igbo people.”
-Nigerian music icon, Onyeka Onwenu appealing to South East young agitators on the need for dialogue.

“We will find you, we will smoke you out, we will arrest you and you will face the fullest extent of the law.”
-Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, sending a note of warning to criminals in the state.

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