Our decision to suspend Twitter has been lauded by some; it has been decried by some.
But let me make it clear that what’s important to us is the sovereignty of Nigeria and until when Twitter is paused.
And the cardinal thing is that Twitter must be registered in Nigeria, Twitter must be licenced in Nigeria and Twitter must stop using its platform for activities that are inimical to the growth of Nigeria or to its corporate existence.’’

-Information Minister, Lai Mohamed, on why FG suspended Twitter.

What happened was an act of God. There is time for everything, like my husband would say. That was the word I knew from him very well. This is the job he was known for. This is what he was living for. That is what he was going to die for. So, it didn’t come to me as a surprise. I wasn’t surprised when it happened. As we all know, he was in service that day. So, that’s it.
-Wife of late Televangelist, Mrs Eunice Joshua, reacting to the passing of her husband.

“A committee has already been set up by the NBA to handle matters related to the intended suit. The members of the committee will do whatever it takes to address the issue.”
The mandate of the committee, among other things, is to actively take steps to reinforce the faith of society in law, bring solutions to societal issues and most especially, to check the abuse of power
-NBA National Publicity Secretary, Dr Rapulu Nduka, on the group’s readiness to assist Twitter users on all legal related issues.

You know these people more than I do, and you are democratically elected to protect your people. Don’t sit idly expecting me to do everything. Take action,”
Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, calling on governor’s to do the needful over insecurity in their states.

The planet earth has a constant period of darkness and light every 24 hours which we call night and day. In like manner, just like every other crop or plant, Cannabis Sativa has both CBD and THC content which can be put to good and bad uses. Products with extract of Cannabis Sativa are already in our pharmaceutical sales outlets across the country. They are being imported with foreign exchange and sold at exorbitant prices with additional, but avoidable stress on our Naira.
My visit to Thailand was an eye-opener. We saw forest reserve used in the past to cultivate and process hard drugs transformed to be meaningfully utilized in an environmentally friendly way for healthy ventures. We saw people previously sold to hard drugs engaged in legitimate business ventures.
Cannabis is a multi-billion naira industry that can help diversify the Nigerian Economy if judiciously utilized. The medical and economic merits of the use of cannabis outweigh its demerits
-Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, on the need for Nigeria to lift the ban on Cannabis because of its benefits.

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