Olamide Trends, Hits Spot 9 On Top Thriller Global Chart

One of Nigeria’s top pop idol, Olamide Gbenga Adedeji, simply known as Olamide, is enjoying real trend. This is not unexpected as his newest single, Rock, is making big waves on the international music chart. That is sequel to its initial pretty position as number two of 100 on the Nigeria Apple Music Chart.
Olamide really seems to have something going for him. In the main, he’s been sitting pretty with his songs, like the newest single, which enjoying a mass appeal among revelers across the world. It’s no surprising that the song made its way to the number nine spot on the Top Triller Global chart.
Olamide’s newest height is equally receiving rave reviews from music buffs, bloggers and social media influences alike.
“Olamide is the rap artiste of the decade, if you have a problem let me know,” one of them wrote. Olamide influenced all these artistes to start running their own label. Man created his barely 2 years into his career in 2012. His success makes them followed suit. He started December yearly show ‘OLIC’ 2014. Started the culture of yearly album since 2011. Influencer toh bad,” another added.

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