Greenfield University Abducted Students : How They Were Released

At last, the remaining 13 students and one staff of the Kaduna based privately owned Greenfield University have been released. News of their freedom filtered in at about 2pm on Saturday and has since been confirmed by both the police and state government sources.
”The kidnapped students of the Greenfield University, who had been held hostage by armed bandits, have been released by their abductors. Fourteen persons were released in total, comprising students and staff. “the state police command announced.
2n-nework gathered that the kidnapped students and staff who were abducted on April 20, gained their freedom after being dumped new a multi billion firm along the Kaduna-Abuja highway, a few kilomtres away from the school. This is coming after 40 horrifying days in their abductors’ den.
2n-nework gathered that their release was secured by the collective efforts of both the University and parents of the kidnapped students and staff. According to sources,, the students were released after a ransom of N180m alongside eight brand new motorbikes were handed over to their abductors. The concerned parents were allegedly compelled to sell off their property to raise the ransom.
“We sold properties to raise N180m ransom, bought motorbikes for our children’s kidnappers,” one of the parents vunteered.
It will be recalled that bandits invaded the University on April 20 after which they ferried the 19 students alongside three female staff of the institution into the forest. They also murdered another official of the institution in the process. A few days later however, the bandits shot and killed five of the students apparently irked over the failure failure of the parents to raise the N800m ransom they demanded initially.
2n-network learnt that the brutal murder of the five student prompted both the university and parents to enter into more intense negotiations with the bandits. Arising from that, the ransom was reportedly beaten down to N180m alongside eight brand new motor circles. The students were released after the ransom was handed over to the abductors.
2n-nework also gathered that a mild drama ensued when parents of the affected kidnapped victims attempted to pick up their children from the premises of a company who took them in after the abductors dumped the victims nearby. The firm’s security refused to let in the parents insisting that they would rather hand the students over to the police. However, the angry parents broke into the company’s premises and took their children away amid wild jubilation.
Yet another drama played out after their release. Whereas the police wanted to take the relaesed students in for medical examination and debriefing, the aggrieved parents refused insisting that the police cannot now take over when they played no role in the release of the students who went through agonising horrors.

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