A Nigerian Engineer Invents Hideout Detector Tracker

A Nigerian robotics engineer, Dr. Olusola Ayoola, has invented a carbon emission tracker drone capable of tracking and detecting criminal hideouts. The innovative surveillance drone, which has the capacity to unveil caves and forest hideouts used by kidnappers, terrorists and other criminals, is reported to have several insights into how Nigeria and her neighbours, including other African nations, can tackle the various forms of insecurity bedevilling them. 

The Nigerian Robotic Engineer who is the founder of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence, disclosed that the tracker’s carbon emission detection feature makes it possible for sniffing and identifying criminal hideouts via the carbon they emit. 

“We discovered the Carbon Emission Detection Based Aerial Surveillance which allows for a drone to sniff out hideouts through the carbon their activities emit. As long as human life exists in a forested location, there must be carbon emission, be it under a cave, under a canopy or inside a bunker. This novel solution comes with a barrage of many other possibilities and insights into how we can bring back security to our dear nation and other nations in Africa.”

Dr Ayoola, who emphasized that the drone is capable of being physically present in areas government cannot, noted that with geospatial intelligence, criminals will no longer any hiding place even in caves and other forest hideouts. 

“We cannot overemphasize the role of geospatial intelligence. So, wherever government cannot be physically present, government’s intelligence must always be. With this new technology, we can quickly scan the entirety of our forests and games reserves to generate a real map of which spots of these hitherto assumed uninhabited forests have suddenly spiked up in human activities.”

There is hardly any doubt that Dr Ayoola’s invention will come in handy for the Nigerian military that have been having hard times battling insurgency and other high brow criminal activities with spring bases in forests. This is particularly the case with ISWA, Boko Haram, herdsmen, bandits, unknown Gunmen and Kidnapper most who have made forests, including the seemingly impenetrable Sambisa forest, a near no-go area. With the new drone, they can be flushed out. 

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