A Nigeria footballer Sentenced to Death

A Nigerian footballer, has been sentenced to death for smuggling drugs. The footballer, Theophilus Ugwu, was on Tuesday handed the death sentence by a Vietnamese court for allegedly smuggling 6 kilograms of cocaine into the country.

According to reports, Ugwu was nabbed by the country’s law enforcement agents on March 8, 2020 while attempting to move the banned substance into Vietnam from neighbouring Cambodia.

In his defence,Ugwu explained that he got the substance from another unnamed African who he said helped him to play for “a famous Cambodian club”. According to him, the said African gave him a bag to deliver for a $1000 delivery free but that he was unaware the bag contained drug.

Many Nigerians have been reported to be involved in drug peddling to some far eastern nations even where aware that such offences carried the death penalty.

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