Enraged Husband Kills His Wife, Self

Enraged Husband Kills His Wife, Self

Homicide operatives of the Lagos state police command are at the moment still trying to unravel circumstances surrounding the murder by one Chris Ndukwe of a woman alleged to be his his wife before turning the weapon on himself. The incident took place at the road 5, House 16a, Victory Point Estate, residence of the man.
According to a statement from the police, “…the couple, who moved into the estate about a month ago were always quarreling over an undisclosed matter.”
But witnesses disclosed that the incident happened on Sunday as the couple were cited jogging together on Saturday evening, June 20. However, close neighbours to the couple’s apartment added that they heard loud music coming from their home and that it lasted for many hours prompting curious observers to lodge complaints at the estate management office.
Subsequently, estate officials went to the compound upon insistence by neighbours to implore the couples to turn down the loud music. It was in the process they discovered the gruesome situation.
‘‘The estate authorities went to the couple’s compound to appeal to them to turn down the volume of the music coming from their apartment and met the ugly situation,”sources disclosed.
Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Lagos, DSP Bala Elkana, confirmed that the command, via its Ilasan police station, received distressed information about the couple following which it dispatched a team to the road 5, House 16a, Victory Point Estate, location, wherein they met the lifeless bodies Oladimeji Alli 25 and Chris Ndukwe, 39.
“A team of homicide detectives was deployed to the scene and the crime scene was preserved for forensic analysis. The woman was found lying in the pool of her blood with deep cuts on her head. The man’s mouth was foaming with whitish substance. It is alleged that the man stabbed the woman to death with a kitchen knife and thereafter drank some poisonous substance suspected to be sniper insecticides. Two blood-stained kitchen knives, two empty bottles of the poisonous substances, three empty cans of red bull energy drink and a plier were recovered from the scene,” police statement read in part.
Additional information emanating from the police indicate that the couple, said tohave had a seven year long out of wedlock relationship that has produced two male children of ages 3 and 7. For reasons not immediately availae, their relationship was described as “off and on” with the woman living in Ogba while her lover was resident at the location of the murder and apparent suicide.
2n-Nework gathered that on the day of the incident, Oladimeji on a visit alongside her 22 year old younger sister, who was said to have noticed that the couple were dead having been woken up by the loud music as indicated in her written statement to the police. According to her statement, she was woken up by loud music from the room where the corpses were found, as herself and the kids slept in a different room.
Lagos state police commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, has ordered an immediate andthorough investigation to unravel what may have transpired between the duo that eventually led to their deaths.

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