Benin, Niger, Togo Owe Nigeria N32.04b – NERC

Benin, Niger, Togo Owe Nigeria N32.04b - NERC

Amidst the debilitating power situation in the country, Nigeria is still said to be supplying power to its West African neighbours, including Benin Republic, Niger and Togo. The revelation was made recently by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC. According to the regulatory agency, the three countries are owing Nigeria a princely N32. 04b, earlier put at N29. 97b, covering power supplies delivered in 2019.
Classified as international customers, Nigeria, through its Electricity Transmission Company, TLC, supplies power to these countries. However, the Nigerienne power firm, Societe Nigerienne Electricity, failed to pay a total invoice of N3.01 billion for the supplies it received in the first quarter of 2019, N3.69 billion in the second quarter, N4.1 billion in the third quarter and N2.07 in the last quarter of the year.
On the other side, the Communaute Electrique du Benin, the Beninois power firm, jointly owned by Benin Republic and Togo, failed to pay its first quarter power consumption debt of N9.74b, N7.16b for the second quarter and the third quarter’s N2.27b. The duo has however, not received its bill for the fourth quarter of 2019.
In its latest quarterly briefing, NERC noted that the special and international class of customers made no payment to the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc and the Market Operator during the quarter under review.
“The Federal Government has continued to engage the governments of neighbouring countries benefitting from the export supply to ensure timely payments for the electricity purchased from Nigeria,” NERC said.

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